Let us face it, building software isn’t easy but it is huge fun. For those of us who understand the programming language it is like a new world of possibilities open in front of us. A world where we can imagine things and bring them to life. Take gaming as an example of the product that has come out as a result of learning software development and programming. Almost everybody who owns a smartphone plays games, let alone those who actually invest on gaming consoles as well as gaming computers. Just look at the amount of money these games can bring in. Clash of Clans makes half a million dollars a day. Flappy Bird was a simple game made by a Vietnamese guy. It was so successful and all you had to do in that game was press a button that is it.

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Where else can you see such a simple idea gain so much momentum among people and make so much money. The answer is through programming. You don’t need to be a master of programming to learn how to make simple stuff. Some of the most successful apps and software are actually quite simple. The best part is, you don’t even need a team to build it. You can do all of it your self.

How to Get Started?

Well thanks to the vast library of resources on the internet as well as countless tutorial videos available on Youtube.com, getting started with programming is very simple these days. Programmers have one of the healthiest community online where they learn from each other as well as support each other in their endeavors.

When you get started though, the first thing that you need to make sure is what kind of programming do you want to go into. Do want to go into website building, app development, computer software development, industrial software development etc The hottest of the markets to go into is the app development and then website development of course because they have fastest turn around in terms of money as well as they are quite fun.

Also, you need to make sure which language you want to learn first. This will all depend upon which market you want to go into. So if it is web development or web app, you would want to learn Python, and easier languages like XML and HTML. If it is iOS app development, you want to learn Objective-C. If it is Android App, you want to learn Java. So on an so forth. Therefore, the biggest part of being a successful programmer is deciding before hand where exactly you want to build your career.

How long Does it Take To Learn a Language?

softwareFor someone who has not even the slightest hint about programming, it can can take a while. I would say about 6 months. However, it mostly depends upon your ability to comprehend all the stuff. See programming is something that even a child can understand. It is a language in all essence. This is the language that your app/computer speaks. So it is basically like learning Spanish or French. If you learn it, you can speak it, write essays, play around with your words etc.

I personally had a bit of an experience from high school when I started programming. I had done visual basic as a course in high school, which had given me the basic framework of how programming works when I started working full time in university time.

Remember, 6 months is a very rudimentary time frame. It can take longer and longer still for you to make a successful product that you can market.

A tip that I would give, and give to most people who start out is this: have an idea about what you want to design (please don’t have a complicated idea). Keep the idea simple and then start learning the tutorials and the language. So for example, you came up with a very clever idea of making an Android App that makes different baby sounds. Now when you start learning Java for Android App development, you will mentally be extracting all the essential information and key points that you need to make that Baby Sound App.

Don’t go in blind expecting that by the end of the course for a language you would have an idea and an app ready to sell. No, it does not work that way.

What Do You Need?

Nothing at all. You don’t need expensive equipment. All you need is a computer. If you are looking to get some computer accessories you can click here. This is a great website that lists all the great computer related products in terms of categories. So I would suggest you look for an article with affordable laptops or computer if you do not want to spend much on this journey of yours. Professional programmers often go for multiple monitor like the thin bezel monitor.

Also, most of the SDK (Software Development Kits) are free. So you literally don’t need to spend a dime to get in to programming.

How to Learn a Language?

As I had mentioned earlier, these days with so much resources available on the internet, it is literally not possible to find the tutorial that can suit you. There many types of tutors as well. For example if you go to Youtube.com and type android app tutorial you will find countless tutors. Some are jolly, others are serious. Some have a slow pace, others a bit fast. Therefore, you can have a look around and find the one that suits you in terms of style and pace. Here is an example of an Android App Tutorial Videos. (This the guy that I used to follow his channel’s name is thenewboston, amazing guy).

What to Expect From The Tutorials?

Do not jump in expecting that you will become a master programmer by the end of tutorials. However, I can guarantee you that by the end of most such tutorials, you will have all the working knowledge to develop and launch your first simple app. If the app is great, you can even end up making a lot of money.

Most of these tutorial start of with a very basic app called the “Hello World” app. In this app, you write a simple program that displays the text: “Hello World” when you run it. If you have never done programming before, you will feel like this truly does open a whole new world to you. This program also basically tests whether all your working environment on your computer is properly setup and the debugging is being done properly by the compiler.